Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Secrets of a blogger

I'm anonymous, of course. But I'm not really. I don't really hide my blog from anyone I know. I just don't feel the need to disclose my boring identity to the internet. I don't really blog about the personal details of my life much anyway. Utterly unrecognizable allusions are more my style.

Though I don't hide my views from the people I know, I don't usually make them clear either. Why should I? If I were a fervent liberal blogger, I wouldn't go around talking about that either. All this doesn't really matter that much, except on the internet, where talk is cheap. What matters in real life is how well you can reference pop culture.

It makes me wonder. To what degree are we anonymous denizens of the internet like the people who send postcards to PostSecret? Living double-lives... With that thought, I present my own not-a-secret. Why yes, I do enjoy making you work to find it.


dartheye said...

hey, nice dog!

Anonymous said...

I know who you are, but as a game I tried to see if I could tell by your clues alone. I could not definitely determine who you are, without using any information outside your webpage. But I recognize the dog!

miller said...

The picture is a snapshot of my facebook profile, but it's manipulated in such a way to make me unsearchable. My identity isn't the secret--it's something else in the picture, hidden in plain sight.