Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Google puzzle championship

Hey everyone, you like puzzles, right? Of course you do.

Then go register for the 2008 Google Puzzle Championship. It is on Saturday June 14, 1 PM EST EDT. You must register before June 12.

Answers are submitted online. You have no obligation to participate if you register. You are given 2 1/2 hours, but you're not expected to complete the whole thing in that time. Typical puzzles include Sudoku variants and other "grid" puzzles, but there are also a bunch of grab-bag puzzles, like a "spot the difference" puzzle. You can try the practice test if you want a better idea of what's on it.

I have participated in this competition for a few years now. I never win, of course, but my results have slowly improved. My tips: print out the puzzles, and use colored pencils. I'll take questions if anyone is curious about anything. Tell me if you intend to participate. I want to know if anyone is interested, or if I should just never bring it up again.

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FriendlyAtheist said...

Sweet -- I'll be checking this out for sure :)