Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some blogging stuff

I think I may need to slightly slow down my posting rate on this blog. Not for want of topics, but for want of time to write it all. But expect something cool for Darwin Day, Darwin's bicentennial.

This is a good time to spread the word about RSS feed. RSS is a tool to greatly assist your browsing experience. If you read a lot of blogs, comics, TV shows, or any other regularly updated webpages, you should definitely be using RSS. All you need is to get a "reader", and then start subscribing to different websites. I use Google Reader myself. If you have a reader, then you don't need to waste your time going to each and every website to see if they've updated. If you subscribe to a website, then all updates will appear in your reader.

Before I started using Google Reader, I found that I was discouraged from looking at infrequently updated sites, because most of the time I checked for updates, I found none.

If you want to subscribe to this blog, there's a link on the sidebar underneath "About this blog", or you can click here. Most of the time, you'll just see the RSS symbol, and you click on it to subscribe to a website.

If I slow down the posting rate, that also means that I'll slow down the appearance of puzzles. But there's still the puzzle archives. A lot of them were never really solved by any readers, because I often make them too difficult. Speaking of which, the recent Dots and Boxes puzzle has not yet fully been solved. The optimal solution for a 7x7 grid has not yet been found (the target is 31 lines).