Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Plug: Faith Meets Doubt

"Faith Meets Doubt"

This was a student discussion panel held at UCLA with two Christians, two Muslims, and two atheists. It occurred two weeks ago, and I finally got around to writing up a summary of the discussion. It's fairly lengthy. A few samples:
According to Tim, if you live under Sharia law, stealing is punished by cutting off the thief’s hand. This is a just punishment, because you are under Sharia law. Likewise, we are part of God’s system, so God’s justice must be just. Under God’s justice, God used an innocent man to forgive everyone’s sins.

If we study past societies, we find that they always have a higher figure, though they often have different characteristics. To understand the details of this higher figure, it is best to ask God himself. Nader then pointed to the Koran as a book without contradictions, and some scientifically confirmable facts.

[Andrew, an atheist] commented that in the story of Abraham, the first question that should be asked is “Am I being deceived?” He noted that when the Jim Jones cult committed mass suicide, no angel came in to save them, as they saved Abraham’s son.
Looks like fun, eh? Go read the whole thing, and feel free to disagree with any panelists and verify their facts.

[Is it just me, or have I had a glut of religiously related posts lately? I will not apologize for this.]