Monday, July 6, 2009

54th Carnival of Math

The Carnival of Mathematics is a collection of links to the best mathematical blogging in the last few weeks or so. The posts range from technical to popular. One of my posts has been submitted to the 54th Carnival of Mathematics, the one about Godel's Modal Ontological Argument.

Oh geez, it's been a while since I've participated or read a blog carnival. I haven't looked at all the entries yet, but one entry I would really like to read is this series on Polya's enumeration theory. I remember back in my high school puzzling days, I had a very brief encounter with Polya's enumeration theory. You can use it to quickly calculate the number of different ways to paint the faces of a cube. I thought it was mathematical black magic.

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Eduard said...

I like very much Polya's enumeration theory. Before I met this theory I made an explicite list of the coloring of the dodecahedron with two colors (see my homepage So I was well prepared to appreciate the Polya Theory.
I even marked with arrows 192 little cubes and 306 little octahedra.
192 = 1/24 * (1*4^6+4*2*4^2+6*4^3)
306 = 1/24 * (1*3^8+8*0+6*3^2+3*3^4+6*3^4)