Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Same-sex PDA: reactions

My boyfriend and I are sorta into PDA.  What can I say, I like hugging and kissing and holding hands, and I don't mind doing it in public.  I think he likes showing me off too.

As you would expect, PDA between two men often gets weird reactions.  This is true even in San Francisco.  I started collecting a few of these reactions, but I stopped after the novelty wore off.  Here they are.
Woman on train: How old are you?
Me: I'm 22.
Woman: You look 16.  I was going to tell you that you shouldn't hold your son that way.
Woman leaves train.
That one offended my boyfriend.
Man on street: Let go.
Man: Let go.
Man: Let go.
Some minutes pass as he repeats himself.
Man: Stop doing that.  Come on!
I thought this guy was especially weird because he was walking half a block in front of us, and trying to talk to us.
Female reveler at street fair: Oh, they're so cute!
She hugs us as her friend takes a picture.
It's funny that she treated us as a novelty, but I guess if we didn't secretly enjoy this sort of thing, we wouldn't be doing PDA.
We're locked out of my BF's apartment, waiting for the landlady.
Man walks up to us: Father, son?
BF: No.
Me: *ignore*
Man pesters us for a while, talking nonsense.  I get the impression that he's trying to proposition us, but it's unclear.  My BF thought he was trying to sell us drugs.
Man: You're not open-minded enough to try black.  (The man is black.)  Look, he's open-minded enough. (He gestures at me.)
Me: *roll eyes*
Eventually he leaves and the landlady arrives.
This guy helped me appreciate how awkward women feel when being propositioned in elevators.
Guy on the bus, just as he exits: Faggots... Out in public.
I wanna look at this ironically and laugh about it, but having the real experience is just disturbing.

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maddox said...

I got one:

Me walking to work, big man passes by me, turns around, mumbles "faggot" spits on the floor and walks in another direction.

The worst part is, I took it as a complement that I had passed as a boy....

Also note that I am blocks away from the Castro...