Thursday, May 24, 2012

I have a tumblr

Here you go.  I quote the introduction:
It’s said that labels are for soup cans.  Never having known an aphorism to be false, I have concluded that I am a soup can.

Labels: asexual, gay, gray-A, atheist, skeptic, physicist

I have this blog Skeptic’s Play, and this is just an extension.  Please follow my blog, not my tumblr.  It’s likely that this extension will mainly focus on asexuality, since only the asexuals have a deficient non-tumblr blogging community.  It’s also likely that I will neglect this tumblr, or use it for commenting only.

More about me?  I’m sometimes called Siggy or miller, and I’m known for doing presentations on asexuality for LGBT audiences.  I am in a long-term relationship with a gay man.  I participate in queer, asexual, and atheist communities online and offline.  I study superconductivity.  I am unenthusiastic about everything, especially things that people say I should be enthusiastic about.
The tumblr itself is empty, and I am satisfied with that for the time being.  It's all part of my clever plan to force people to read my blog rather than my tumblr!

I have no particular attachment to the current title, "Godless asexual".  I'm not really trying to be an outpost for the intersection of asexuality and atheism.  There's not a huge need for it, considering how overrepresented atheists are in the ace community.