Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I might as well still be at UCLA!

UC Berkeley's atheist/skeptic student group has renamed itself from SANE (Students Advocating a Nonreligious Ethos) to BASS (Berkeley Atheists and Skeptics Society).

This is hilarious for me, because back when I was an undergrad at UCLA, I was president of an atheist/skeptic student group called BASS (Bruin Alliance of Skeptics and Secularists).  No kidding.  I used to blog about it.

The best part is yet to come.  Here's a photo of BASS at UCLA.

And here's the logo being pitched for BASS at Berkeley.

Notice any similarities?  Yeah, they both have the ichthyostega facing to the right.  It makes sense because otherwise you'd have "ASS" on the fish's ass.

In all seriousness, I believe that BASS at Berkeley came up with the acronym and logo independently, and are not trying to cramp on the territory of BASS at UCLA.  Personally I do not feel slighted at all.  Rather, I am tickled and amused by the coincidence.  Also now I can use the same tag on my blog, haha.

Ref: BASS at Berkeley, BASS at UCLA