Thursday, October 11, 2007

So I love Dinosaur Comics

As I demonstrated yesterday, I'm a big fan of Dinosaur Comics. It is what is known as "constrained comics", since it has the exact same pictures every day, only with different words. It is about dinosaurs who talk about philosophy and stomp on things. I occasionally search the archives when I need words of wisdom.

Nearly every day, T-rex comes up with some crazy but fun idea, and his best friend Utahraptor critiques it. I like the implications that you can be critical and friendly at the same time. Utahraptor has got to be the best skeptical character in all of fiction (the burden of proof is on the reader to provide a counterexample). He also seems to be bicurious, an atheist, and a cephalopod sympathizer, so, uh, I think maybe some people here can relate to at least one of those. T-rex is also very lovable, and of course, he comes up with most of the ideas. Perhaps T-rex and Utahraptor can be symbolic of invention and skepticism?


Blair said...

i kinda miss hearing you laugh at them... hahaha

miller said...

Hey, I should point out to anyone who has followed the link that each Dinosaur Comic has exactly 3 easter eggs. First, you can mouse over the picture itself. Second, you can mouse over the link "Comments." The third is in the archive name, and I'm sure the interested reader can find out what I mean by that.