Sunday, March 2, 2008


This little meme has been making the rounds in the blogosphere. It's Googleoetry! I basically look at all the Google search terms that have landed people on my blog, and then organize them into a poem. Here's one example on Greta Christina's blog (slightly NSFW language). Of course, Science after Sunclipse has been doing this since way back, but now I get to jump on the bandwagon!

Now, my blog is relatively small, so I have less search terms to choose from (none of which are dirty). Also, I don't know the first thing about poetry, nor do I even like poetry. Mostly, it's just fun to look through search terms to see what odd things people are searching for. So I guess this will be more fun for me than for anyone else. Well, here goes my random little poem.

Math is made up

"math is made up
a play called the leap of faith
what happen when you see the sunclipse blind
can you blink when your blind
changing the universe by simply observing it

where can i find skeptical for glasses
skeptic hell

hell skeptic

bad skeptics

critizing negativity

what is mankind without god
"pharynguloid minions"
we are alone in a uncaring universe
homeopathic precession
meaning of without care
picture of summer from tilt of earth

10% of the brain other 90% penguins
i am a cool guy
brick t. miller
"just because" "no reason" "no purpose"


Maybe next time, I'll use my own search terms, which are pretty crazy too, and much more varied.