Thursday, September 25, 2008

Skeptic's Circle #96

The Skeptic's Circle, a blogging carnival for skepticism is up at -endcycle-. If I had to pick my favorite entry, I'd go with The Perky Skeptic's Personal View of the Harm of Astrology.

My entry was False memories in Atonement. By the way, I didn't read the book; I cheated by watching the film. My sources say the film and novel are about the same though.

Oh, and for future reference (because a commenter asked), no, this blog is not fully focused on skepticism. It's about things that interest me, a skeptic. More often than not, what interests me isn't straight-up skepticism. Um... sorry?

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Podblack Blog said...

Understandable. What interests us is usually what then makes blogging it fun and interesting. :) Good entry!