Friday, January 9, 2009

Comment policy, open thread

After another anonymous commenter did a bit of a hit and run, I decided to add a comment policy at the bottom of my "about" post. This is mainly for my own benefit, because the problems mainly come from anonymous googlers who would probably never read or understand my comment policy. Here's the comment policy:
Is my writing unclear? Ask a question!
Have further commentary on my writings? Discuss!
Do you disagree with me? That's good! Tell us about it!
Off-topic comments and simple chatting are also welcome, but don't push it too far.

That said, certain kinds of comments are unappreciated, and may be deleted at my own discretion. This includes comments that even appear to be spam or sockpuppetry, and anything that I judge to be plain incomprehensible.
Again, mainly for my own benefit.

Anyways, I declare this an open thread! Talk about anything you like. Ask me an uncomfortable question (I might not answer). Plug your blog. Do whatever.