Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy MLK and inauguration day

Having a blog makes me feel obligated sometimes to comment about current events. I sort of prefer to say things that are neither here nor there, but I suppose that reality is worth paying attention to.

So... I think I'd like to echo the sentiment from this comic: "America is okay I guess sometimes". That is a message that I could maybe get behind, if it doesn't require any commitment.

Happy MLK day, and then tomorrow, happy Inauguration Day. Also try to be happy the day after that, but don't force it.


Anonymous said...

You and the comic are both too gloomy. Things have been much worse. At your age I was certain that our country, and perhaps all civilization, would be wiped out by nuclear war in my lifetime. And yet we have survived.

True, the economic picture as painted by the economists is bleak. I spent the day before yesterday collecting the views of several economists from papers and the Internet. There was very little agreement except that things are really bad. Nevertheless, I am optimistic because of the new President and the people around him. Their race is not important; their intelligence is.

miller said...

Of course, I am exaggerating my lack of enthusiasm. That said, I'm not sure that "things have been much worse" is a good enough reason to be enthusiastic, nor is "things may look bad, but they'll turn out fine."

But yeah, I like Obama a lot because he's an intellectual, has an eclectic background, and I mostly agree with his politics. But to feel enthusiasm is something different, and it depends on my mood. Maybe I will be enthusiastic tomorrow?