Sunday, April 4, 2010

Exacto knife beats paper

Here's a quick puzzle.  What is the significance of this photo?

Unless you're reading this through a rss subscription, the answer is probably obvious.  It's related to the new banner I put up.  I cut out little letters from paper, and threw them on a carpet.  I don't feel particularly great about the result, but I've wanted a new banner since forever.  Tell me what you think.


blahs15 said...

Ahh HA! I chose that carpet, it's mine, yaay!

Jaden said...

I like it. Might be just a bit big, but I like it.

miller said...

You're kinda right about the size, but it's sorta constrained by the photo I took. Clearly, I do not think my photography through. :( I might try to shoot the photo again in the next month or so.

Secret Squïrrel said...

I'm back. I agree - I like it but it will prob look better if the text is slightly smaller (but not the overall pic size). The colours of the carpet work really well. I also like that the blue circle is cropped and that the word "play" is completely inside it. I wonder how it would look if you could see the bottom edge of the circle.

The only significance I can see with "Sticky apPles," is that you have used every character of "Skeptic's Play".