Friday, February 11, 2011

Atheist men talk about sexism

At the American Atheists Southeast Regional Atheist Meet (SERAM), there was a panel discussing submitted topics. One topic was about the treatment of women in the freethought community.

I don't think I have anything especially insightful or persuasive to say about this, but I will express my opinion that the whole panel was deeply disturbing.  The panelists seem to think sexism is some kind of joke.

There's a big fuss in the blagotubes over this incident, spawned by a guest post on Blag Hag. Opponents are complaining that the guest post exaggerates some things, but I think that's missing the forest for the trees.


SlightlyMetaphysical said...

Men hitting on women is biological? COME ON, YOU'RE MEANT TO BE THE SIDE WHO KNOWS WHAT SCIENCE MEANS!!!

I mean, that is not only obviously untrue (courtship and sexual relationships between men and women are MASSIVELY affected by culture, and a culture which tends to disrespect the needs of women, at that), it's almost evopsych.

miller said...

It was also sexist towards men as well as women.

Sciatrix said...

No kidding on the sexist-towards-men thing. Do you really want people to believe that men have that little self-control?

Also, what does "it's biological" even mean? Mechanisms or it didn't happen!