Friday, February 4, 2011

Dream: monkey men

I dreamt that I was watching a preview for a movie.  It was based on a book written by Michael Crichton, author of Jurassic Park.  It was about an alternate history where instead of humans, evolution produced a very violent and sexual race of monkey men.  Michael Crichton said that it was not meant as an attack on evolution, but just about the moral depravity that evolution allows for.  But I thought this statement was disingenuous.

In the real world, Crichton is a climate change denier, not an evolution denier, but in my dream I forgot this.  My dream self really doesn't like Michael Crichton, huh?


David said...

I must admit - I always enjoyed Crichton's books as a teen. I enjoyed the mixture of real science and science-fiction often with some underlying fable about human nature.

My opinion of Crichton was certainly soured by his position regarding climate change.

Your dream seems quite similar to the book Congo (which also had a movie).

miller said...

I only ever read Sphere, which was okay. My image of him really dropped, I think, when I heard about the Michael Crowley story.