Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sitemeter installed

The nosy among you might notice that I switched out statcounter for sitemeter. In between, I had briefly tried Google Analytics, but it wasn't capable of blocking my own visits, which totally killed it for me. Statcounter was cool, but it had a 500 log limit. Hopefully, sitemeter won't have any problems.

Getting statistics was definitely the most enlightening and addicting part of starting a blog. I feel like Zeno, obsessively checking visitors' referring links. I thought at first that I'd be happy with an F-list blog with maybe one visit a week, but no! I want more power! Mwahaha!

But once I get onto the C-list B-list, I'll be satisfied. Right.

C-List Blogger


Zeno said...

Hey, I just checked, and I'm on the C-List! Who would have thought that Halfway There had rising so high! It's like I'm, well, ... halfway there.

Roy said...

Analytics can block peoples' IPs from showing up in the stats.

miller said...

Yes, but at my university, I'm fairly sure I get a dynamic IP. I have no idea how to figure out the range or implement the filter.

I've been looking into creating a blocking cookie, but that's been problematic too.

BTW, sitemeter is no longer my friend. Back to statcounter!