Thursday, February 14, 2008

Coin sliding

Difficulty: 3 of 10

Here's a simple puzzle that you can do yourself with just six identical coins. All you have to do is move around the coins, starting with a triangle and ending with a hexagon.

Easy, right? But don't start yet! I have to tell you the rules:
  1. Slide one coin at a time.
  2. Keep the coin flat on the table at all times. Do not push or move any other coins.
  3. When you've finished sliding a coin, that coin must be touching at least two other coins.
  4. Finish in the least possible number of moves.
For example: For your first move, you can place coin 2 next to 3 and 6. After you have done this you cannot move coin 3 because this would either require pushing other coins or picking up the coin off the table.

The first person to solve it gets a cupcake and six coins! (This blogger is not responsible for providing aforementioned cupcake or coins.)

Update: The solution is now available. Cupcakes are not.


Anonymous said...

Darn you! Now how am I supposed to get my homework done?

miller said...


It can be done in four moves.