Friday, March 21, 2008

dRive game

Check out this game: "dRive"

It has one of those magic derivative machines that we always used to talk about in high school physics. Oh! The memories. I remember back when the curly S thing would meet the letter d, and they would magically disappear in a puff of chalk.

Uh, yeah, so this game was part of a flash game competition, and there are 20 other games on the same web page. It's probably not the best thing to look at if you have finals to study for. I also like the game with the "doggs".

In other news, you have heard PZ's wonderfully ironic story about Expelled! by now, haven't you? Everyone in the blogosphere is talking about it.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, this looks totally fun! Fortunately I'm done with finals and thesis, but unfortunately I still don't have any time to play it!

The Expelled thing had me laughing hysterically for ten minutes when I first read P.Z.'s post.

Anonymous said...

I love jayisgames! They find the best flash games. I've wasted so many hours on the the games there.