Friday, July 25, 2008

Desecration done

PZ finally desecrated a cracker.

I was impressed! It was the historical context that did it. The desecration of crackers is not so much a hate crime as it is a witchcraft-like myth that was historically used as an excuse to kill Jews. Superstition: there's a reason we think it's bad!

I know I questioned the effectiveness of cracker desecration earlier, but given his goals, and given the fact that he already promised, I can't imagine a better way for it to go. I still think most Catholics are going to somehow rationalize this to fit whatever worldview. But now I feel more comfortable saying that such people are completely wrong.


Anonymous said...

I particularly liked the fact that he included a page from The God Delusion. It quite forcefully demonstrates his point, which is that nothing should be sacred--even the things we agree with strongly.

miller said...

I thought the bit about the God Delusion was not the least bit surprising. It was almost banal, in fact. If the atheosphere were a work of fiction, I would call it a cliche. But that's just me.

Heh, perhaps I am treating this too much as simple entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it wasn't surprising, but I think the significant thing is that most likely none of the angry theists who were daring him to desecrate the Koran were expecting it.