Sunday, August 17, 2008

Scratch paper art

Oh, so I never really said how the math camp went. It was really cool. Some of the lessons were really interesting. The kids were a lot of fun, most of the time anyways.

And now, I have a large stack of used scratch paper.

I think scratch paper is an art. It is very chaotic, yet there are hidden patterns everywhere. It is at once simple yet complex. It is a glimpse of the human mind, frozen in time.

Let me show you some scraps.

If you look closely, you might see the puppies and kittens. Also, base Fibonacci.

Exactly what it looks like: a bunch of random circles.

I am not actually sure that having an ellipsis full of sigmas is proper notation.

If you try to guess what this is, you are doomed to fail. I think I was trying to draw a polyhedron?

This one is actually very straightforward. It has to do with quadratic residues.

Base Fibonacci returns! Now with arithmetic.

This is an abstract drawing of something more concrete--namely, a cyclic string of binary digits.

And that's it for now. Hope you've enjoyed it.