Sunday, November 2, 2008


How about them politics?

I just realized that I almost forgot to participate in that great blogging tradition of aggressively volunteering my thoughts about politics onto my readers near election. You know, because obviously that's what my readers came for--my ever-frequent comments about politics.

Uh, yeah, so I'm voting for Obama. It seems like a fairly obvious choice. Surely you see how compelling a case I make. That is what makes me a great political commentator.

Also important is voting No on Prop 8. Go LGBT rights! Seriously, I hear it will be close.

You should all vote exactly the way I do. That way, it's effectively like I have more voting power.

More importantly, simply vote! It's a well known fact in statistics that the uncertainty of a random sample is 100/sqrt(N) %, where N is the size of the sample (ie the number of voters). That means that one more random voter increases accuracy by 50/(N^1.5) %. Amazing! Of course, it's not really random, which means my analysis is completely BS, but don't tell that to your emotional brain.