Friday, December 19, 2008

"Doubt" trailer

This movie trailer intrigues me. I think maybe I want to see this movie now.

This not a comment specific to this movie, but I was just thinking about how much hype The Golden Compass got because it was, shocker of shockers, anti-religious. Or, supposedly it was. The first book had a rather anti-dogmatic sentiment, and the later books were much more explicit about it, but the movie itself was just too crappy to convey any of that. The point is that everyone got so worked up about a movie just because it supposedly touched on religion, and not in a positive way. Before you know it, Christians are boycotting it, and atheists want to watch it just to spite Bill Donahue.

Everyone was entirely lacking perspective. Lots of films and other fictional media touch upon religion. Has anyone here seen Chocolat? Fiddler on the Roof? Contact? Come on, I hardly watch any movies, so I'm sure a typical person can think of plenty more. Does a film really need to be explicit about it for people to take notice? What's so much better about a movie that clearly comes down against religion? Please. Have some taste.

Same goes for music. No need to get all excited about some guy just because he *cough* raps against religion.