Monday, February 9, 2009

A ghost dream

I had a dream! I don't remember details, but it was like I was a character in some TV drama or something. The character I played was dead, a ghost, but I could still speak and interact with the living. In particular, I spoke to a lot of relatives and friends. We were plotting for me to come back alive somehow. I forgot how I actually accomplished all that, but it involved traveling all across town, and it was possibly very dramatic. But somehow I did it.

But there was a twist ending! A voice over said something like "And I could not have done it, if it weren't for the faith of my friends and family, who, without ever seeing me, trusted that I was there the whole time." Then there was a flashback montage, cutting to several scenes where I had been speaking to people, only this time, I'm not actually there! There's just this woman on the subway, talking to herself the whole time. Despite what the previous scenes in my dream led me to believe, I could not in fact interact with the living when I was dead. No one had any evidence that I was ever there, except that they "felt" my presence.

After that, I recall thinking about how stupid the ending was. Feeling a "presence" is just not sufficient evidence of, well, anything! I think my subconscious is just making this stuff up as it goes along.


Anonymous said...

I've often imagined what I would do if I either became a ghost or was contacted by a ghost. I feel like as a skeptic I might actually have a better chance of making my presence known, since I would understand how strong the evidence would need to be, and what kinds of evidence would actually be convincing. I also think if I needed to prove to the world that ghosts existed, the best person to go to for help would be someone like James Randi--a skeptic would be harder to convince than a non-skeptic, but once convinced he would be far better able to demonstrate the truth of the claims.

I agree that the family "feeling" your presence is a pretty lame ending. Maybe you've been talking to too many true believers!

miller said...

Or watching too many cheesy TV shows.

Or sleeping too much. I'm pretty sure I could avoid cheesy dreams by staying awake all the time. :)