Friday, December 25, 2009

On Christmas break

In previous years, I've written Christmas posts talking about the reason for the season: axial tilt. I also explained the Milankovitch Cycles. But I'm going traveling a bit (and I can't think of anything more to say about axial tilt anyways), so I'll return in 2010. I guess this means you have more time to solve the last puzzle I posted.

So I'll just leave you with one last thought for the decade. You know all those Christmas movies and stories where Santa is real, but only the kids believe it? One of my friends pointed out to me that the parents would have to be blind to disbelieve Santa. Where do they think those extra presents come from? "I don't remember buying that gift, but I must have done so if it's under the tree." If you think about it, the parents are essentially flat earth atheists.

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

1. Christmas is not synonymous with "axial tilt." Axial tilt is responsible for seasonality. One might just as easily say that summer is synonymous with "axial tilt."

2. The word is "anyway," not "anyways." Recall how liberals ridiculed Dan Quayle for his simple misspelling of one word? Well, when anyone points out left-wing, in this case atheist, ignorance, of course the first excuse in defense of the left is "typographical error." Yeah, right. Dan Quayle didn't misspell "potatoe" personally, he merely read the 3x5 card written by a teacher. That didn't stop the hateful left from flaming him relentlessly.

How is it that Al Gore flunked out of Vanderbilt University divinity school and leftists still genuflect to Al and call him "an intellectual"?

miller said...

Wow, okay, Anonymous. I sometimes get irritable on Christmas too. Just calm down and make sure that your points are valid before making them. Feel free to restate them if you really think you said something of worth.

Eduard said...

A fascinating question for which you can find a lot of answers on internet and where the tilt of the earth rotation axis is also important is "why is the earliest sunset about 10 days earlier than the shortest day".
Much people know the analemma. Do you know that this analemma (figure eight) is tilted to the right at 16:00 and to the left at 8:00. Without this you cannot explain why the latest sunrise is about 10 days later than 21th dec.

Angela said...

Just blog surfing (when I should be sleeping). The hook for me here was simple ~ "I like to think". Me, too. Sometimes till my head hurts. Will come back to check in on you. In the meantime, happy traveling.