Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I see Ann Coulter speak

The Bruin Republicans decided to host Ann Coulter in a talk called "Why Liberals are Wrong About Everything".  Of course, I had to go.

In some ways, it was a bit disappointing.  Ann Coulter focused most of her talk on economic conservatism.  It was all, reduce government and spending, health care will be a disaster, etc.  I don't agree with economic conservatism, but I don't strongly disagree with it either.  It's not as fun listening to Ann Coulter when I have no strong feelings about what her statements.

Another disappointment is that Ann Coulter tries to be funny... but about half of her jokes fall flat.  I mean, Bill Clinton's sex scandal is so last decade.  But I did still laugh a few times.  Like when she said that some republican is probably involved in a sex scandal right now, but we're missing it because the media is so focused on Sarah Palin.  Or when she said she lost a bet when a magazine compared Obama to Jesus, because it proved that the democrats have heard of Jesus.  hahahahaha. ha.

The final disappointment was that most of the questioners came from supporters.  One questioner was decidedly hostile, but she was one of those kinds of questioners.  She tried to make commentary rather than ask a question.  This happens at every Q&A session.  Ann Coulter handled it the right way; Coulter cut off the questioner repeatedly until the questioner finally cobbled together a vague question.  Well, that went nowhere.

The highlight for me was the last question: "What do you think about gay people?"  I thought, "Finally, the focus is on social liberalism.  Now I can experience that facepalm moment that I came for!"  Ann Coulter delivers!

Ann Coulter likes gay people.  She has lots of gay friends!  So many gays support her that if you went to West Hollywood and said you didn't like her, all the hair stylists would refuse to cut your hair.  But she doesn't want them to marry.  They don't want to marry, they told her themselves.  They just support gay marriage because it's a nice symbol of public acceptance.  Isn't that the whole point of being gay anyway, that you don't have to marry?  She's not anti-gay, she's just pro-family.  She also opposes single mothers.  Did you know that such and such criminal was raised by a single mother?  Who knows what weird stuff will happen to children raised by gay couples?

Most of that doesn't require comment, except for the part about her gay friends who don't want to marry.  In my experience there is a grain of truth to this.  Not all queers want to get married, and not all of them think marriage is the most important thing to be fighting for now.  As every heterosexual knows, if some people aren't interested in getting same-sex marriages, clearly it should be outlawed for everyone.  Clearly.