Thursday, May 20, 2010

I drew Muhammad's feet

Today is Draw Muhammad day!

I'm rubbish at drawing people though, so I just drew his feet.  Uh, I'm not sure if that's enough to really offend Muslims, but it's all I could manage.

This is probably one of the great skeptical moments in movie history.
Incidentally, the Wizard of Oz was much nicer as a person than as a giant disembodied head.

While I'm deprecating my own drawing skills, I should also mention that the calligraphy is probably horrible.  I just copied a picture I found on the internet, with no awareness of which details are important and which aren't.

Friendly Atheist has a bunch of other Muhammad drawings.

Last time I talked about Muhammad drawings, I took the angle that the act is intended to promote free speech.

However, the Barefoot Bum offered an alternative perspective that I somehow missed:  The drawings themselves are a substantive criticism of Islam.  It simply isn't sensible to have a prohibition against drawings of your prophet.  Or, if it is sensible, it isn't sensible to apply the prohibition to the rest of the world.  It's just an unfair ploy to get ahead the marketplace of ideas.

Just last week, Austin Dacey offered yet another angle: prohibiting drawings not only infringes on freedom of speech, but also ultimately infringes on freedom of religion.

There are a lot of different perspectives to sort through here.  And different drawings come from different perspectives.  For example, I intentionally drew something very different from the stick figure drawings, though I can't decide if that's better or worse.