Friday, June 4, 2010

Goodbye, UCLA

I have an announcement to make.  I am graduating from UCLA!  Woooo!  Graduation!

This means that I'm leaving many things behind.  I'm leaving the Bruin Alliance of Skeptics and Secularist.  I'm leaving whatever queer student groups I was involved in.  I'm leaving symphonic band.  I'm leaving friends.  I'm leaving Los Angeles altogether.

Next year, I'm going to grad school in physics.  Where, you ask?  Berkeley!  Tentatively, I want to study condensed matter theory, but it's not fixed at this point.

I want to get involved in student groups again at Berkeley, but you know what they say about grad students dropping extracurriculars to focus on their career.  We'll see.


Larry Hamelin said...

Berkeley, eh? Congrats.

Stop by Revolution Books and tell them you're a friend of Larry's.

Jaden said...

Good luck! I wish you well. Keep in touch.

Alan said...