Tuesday, October 5, 2010

3rd Bloggiversary!

Happy Birthday to Skeptic's Play! You are now three years old, which is something like 30 in internet years.  Ignoring units, that's older than me!  Skeptic's Play currently has 536 published posts, and somewhere around 2000 comments. Since last year, there's been a site redesign, a few shifts in focus, and I've moved on to grad school, but it's still the same old blog with different words on it.

Like in previous years, I will celebrate this bloggy day in the most boring way imaginable: a "best of" link list!

The science of closed boxes
Quantum Mechanics for skeptics
What is temperature?

Critical Thinking!
Toupees and Stereotypes
Anti-science science enthusiasts
Colds and Causality

God doesn't play D&D
The Modal Ontological Argument, revisited
Chalk Muhammad

Fast clock, slow clock
A pair of parity puzzles

Why the definition of orientation is confusing
Responsibility and Causality

The next blog-improvement project is to add a permanent "Best of" links page.  But maybe I should get some input on this.  Do you have any favorite posts in the archives?

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Jeffrey Ellis said...

Happy bloggy birthday!