Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My first crank mail

One of the perks of being a physicist is that you occasionally get letters from cranks.  See, physicists are the great arbiters of truth, and therefore best able to recognize a good idea when a lone genius sends them one.  How flattering!

I just got my first e-mail from a crank!  (To be fair, I got a few of these when I was running a secular student group.)
When a professor gives a lecture to a classroom full of students, the students learn new things.

The changes in the neural wiring of the student's brain while he's learning aren't caused simply by the low-level electro-chemical signals resulting from the sound waves of the professor’s voice. Instead, the intelligence is located at the interpreted level of the professor’s words. Otherwise the professor could expect the student to learn the same lesson whether he spoke to the student in English or Chinese, since the same intelligence would be located in both sets of auditory signal data. 

In conclusion, thoughts exert the physical forces needed to change the neural wiring in a person’s brain when he’s learning new things. Since new forces emerge at the thought level and add into the net sum of all forces, they affect the path of reality and therefore reality isn’t determined solely by the four fundamental forces of physics, as required by the theory of predeterminism.

Emergent living forces are caused by subcomponent forces, but the living forces aren’t determined by those subcomponent forces because the living forces exist in a different field, and forces located in different fields don’t add directly with one another.
I wonder what he thinks of voice recognition software.  Wait, why am I wasting logical arguments on this?  Let's try again.

Clearly, living forces cannot arise from subcomponent forces, because the dimensions are wrong!  Living forces are three-dimensional, and normal forces are two-dimensional (a product of infinite largeness and infinite potential).  Furthermore, the changes in neural wiring are already explained by the fact that reality has two axes, as explained in the Book of Isaiah.  Anyways, there is no point in fighting the theory of predeterminism because it's all a scam knowingly created by physicists who misinterpreted the words of Einstein.