Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Woohoo, 4th bloggiversary!

This year, I remembered my mother's birthday, but not my blog's (which was on October 5th).  Ah well, my blog probably doesn't care as much as my mother would.

So, another year, another set of highlights:

Dreaming boltzmann brains
Electricity, magnetism, space, and time
One: the universe's favorite digit

The interminable tone debate
Religion-shaped hole: spirituality

Critical thinking!
Nature/Nurture and causality
Astrology: a different nonsense than you thought
Opinions are relative 

A brief history of antisexuality
Erasure: What's the harm?
On asexual relationships

Fractal maze
The tiger and the lake

Actual and potential infinities (a new series spanning math, physics, and the cosmological argument)
(Also see last bloggiversary's link roundup) 

Looking back, I think the hardest posts to pick are the physics ones.  I really like most of my physics posts, and many of my thoughts on critical thinking seem too rambly and poorly formed in retrospect.  It probably has to do with the fact that physics posts require more effort, giving me more time to think about the way they're framed.  But another possible explanation is that physics is easy, critical thinking is hard.