Saturday, November 3, 2012

The founding fathers

Next time you hear about the founding fathers of the U.S., remember that the founding fathers are responsible for our plurality voting system and the electoral college.  And that's why Ohio is electing the president.

In fact, originally, the vice-president was to be the runner-up.  The founding fathers sure knew what was best.

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Anonymous said...

The electoral college was a bad idea as compared to using the popular vote. But it sort of mirrors a parliamentary system where the parliament chooses a prime minister. Only this "parliament" does not choose from among their own members and it does nothing else other than choose a leader. I think the founding fathers thought the electoral college would be more independent from the voters, only that was not to be, since they decide no other issues. The other mistake where small states (in population) get over-represented in the electoral college was politically unavoidable at the time.
However, when people speak of the wisdom of the founding fathers, I always think of their whopper of a giant mistake, which of course was slavery.