Monday, December 10, 2012

Help me go to Creating Change

Creating Change is an annual conference held by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.  The next conference is January 23-27, in Atlanta, Georgia.  I will be on a panel called "Asexual Voices", which will represent many different parts of the asexual spectrum.

There is currently a fundraiser to pay for hotel and administration costs.*  Please help if you can.  Below is a video explaining why this is important.

*I pay for my own flight, and I have a scholarship to pay for registration.  If the project is overfunded, the extra will be used to get non-profit status for AVEN and AAW.

Last year was the first year that Creating Change had any asexual workshops, and I hear it was a huge success.  Among other things, that led directly to the inclusion of asexuality in the Trevor project.  This is wonderful, because if there are any common causes between asexuals and other queer folk, suicide prevention is certainly one of them.