Thursday, February 14, 2013

More Brillouin Zones with origami

These are the first and second brillouin zones of the bcc crystal structure.  This is a geometrical shape that is sometimes used in condensed matter physics, which is my field.

These models are much smaller and simpler than the model I created for the second brillouin zone of the fcc crystal structure:

That's great. Simpler is better.  Anyway, now I can cross this off my bucket list:
  1. Be a physicist.
  2. Get in the top 25 of the US Puzzle Championship.
  3. Write a novel.
  4. Learn to play "Pyramid Song".
  5. Create the second brillouin zones of the fcc and bcc structures using origami.
I realize that I haven't written about physics in a few months (depending on what counts).  Writing about physics takes a lot more work than writing about other things.  Also, it is hard to be in grad school and not be all cynical and jaded.  But I wanted to write something about "coffee cups and donuts" topology in condensed matter, because that's fun.