Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fractal maze 3: Walls and carpets

See fractal maze 1 and fractal maze 2.  Following those other two examples, I wanted to try designing a maze that would be qualitatively different.  In all previous fractal mazes, lines represent paths.  Why can't lines represent walls, like in a traditional maze?  Because then you can't have paths cross over each other.  So I tried creating a fractal maze which does not have any crossing paths:

Click for a larger version

This maze contains four copies of itself, which for notation purposes I've labeled A, B, C, and D.  If you actually try to zoom in, you'll find that the lines become too thick.  Just pretend that the lines are mathematically thin.  In this maze, you must travel from the start to end without crossing any lines.  (No fair leaving the maze to do it!) 

If you'd like to check solutions, please e-mail me at skepticsplay at gmail dot com.