Monday, August 4, 2014

Water bomb

I usually stick to modular origami, and haven't posted very many origami tesselations  So here's one.

Water Bomb Tessellation, by Eric Gjerde

I believe that it's called a Water Bomb, because in origami there's something called the water bomb base, shown below.

The Water Bomb Tessellation consists of many copies of this water bomb base.

Truth be told, I think I don't post many origami tessellations, because they're really hard to make.  This one in particular.  This was so much harder than the Star Puff I posted months ago.  The Star Puff, you see, was made of pleats.  When a tessellation is made of pleats, you can add pleats one by one until it's done.

But the Water Bomb!  You can't just add water bombs one by one until it's done.  It just doesn't work.  If you start making water bombs in one corner, that corner does not quite fit with the rest of the paper.  The rest of paper will crumple a bit, and the water bombs won't fold quite right.  When any section of the paper has water bombs, the area of that section shrinks by a 5:1 ratio, both length-wise and width-wise, and this simply doesn't mesh with flat paper.  In effect, you need to fold the entire tessellation at once.  It's basically impossible.

Well, I made it, so I guess it was possible after all.  But let's just say that I've attempted a few origami tessellations that were failures because I couldn't fold them right.

It would probably help if I used larger paper, but there's a bit of a psychological barrier for me.  I have thousands of sheets of 15 by 15 cm paper, so I want to use that stuff.