Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Should I move to Wordpress?

Ever since Disqus and Blogger started having a syncing failure, I've been thinking, is it time to pick up my stuff and move to  (FYI that's the free version of Wordpress, not the self-hosted version.)

Perks: I don't have to deal with Blogger's buggy built-in comments or Disqus's non-syncing comments.  I can finally get rid of comment threading, which really isn't appropriate for the volume of comments I get.  I can have a new blog title that matches the content a little better.

Problems: Moving and updating links is a pain and I'm just not sure it's worthwhile.  I don't actually have a new blog title in mind.  I also have some minor complaints about weird limitations in Wordpress's software.

Readers, your thoughts?

If I make the move, I'll schedule it for October on my bloggiversary.