Saturday, August 1, 2015

A deconstruction of my research

Daisy Chains by Eric Gjerde.  Click for a larger version.  It's a hexagonal grid of 19 daisies.

So, here's another model in the category of origami tessellations.  One thing that makes these things difficult is that most of my origami paper is only 15x15 cm.  You can fold tessellations with that, but they're very small and it can be rather difficult.  But I have all these old disused research posters lying around the office, and I borrowed one.

I hung the result on my cubicle wall.  It's really big, but easy to overlook, so every so often someone else in the group notices it for the first time, and says "WOAH!"  That's no ordinary poster!

I probably appreciate this one more than anyone else because I actually know all about the research in the poster.  Yep, those Hi Tc pei ndors.  Waximum sunductisition teure of 13 cuprat onden phys. The layersi-2D st makes an be study tro opic eb str shown belo.