Additional links and resources

Decent puzzle websites
Mathpuzzle (Link portal)
A Cleverly-Titled Logic Puzzle Blog (Grid-based puzzles)
Melon's Puzzles (Grid-based puzzles)
PuzzlePicnic (User-submitted grid-based puzzles) (Large puzzle collection)
Wu : Riddles (Collection of word-based puzzles)
Perplexus (User-submitted word-based puzzles)
Clickmazes (Interactive mazes)

Asexuality links

Asexual Visibility and Education Network
Asexual Explorations: Promoting the academic study of asexuality
Godless Asexual (this is my tumblr)
The Asexual Agenda (this is a group blog that I run)
Everyday Ignorance
The Asexual Story Project
Prismatic Entanglements

Webcomics I like

MS Paint Adventures
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Discord Comics (NSFW)
Gunnerkrigg Court
Order of the Stick
Supernormal Step
O Human Star
Negative One
14 Nights (NSFW)
The Man Who Hates Fun