These are all the major categories of my blog. They all overlap.
  • Religion - Critique and commentary
    • Atheism - On non-belief and non-believers
    • God - Does he exist?
    • Philosophy - Ethics, epistemology, classic philosophical arguments 
  • Skepticism - Critical thinking
    • Skeptics - Focusing on the skeptical movement itself
    • Nonsense - Unlikely claims
    • Fallacies - Specific kinds of wrong reasoning
    • Science - How science in general works
    • Reasoning - Logic, deduction, and induction
    • Experiments - I echo the scientific method by adopting a "look and see" attitude
    • bass - Things relating to BASS, a campus skeptical group I used to be part of.  Incidentally, I am currently part of another campus skeptical group named BASS, so they'll share a tag.

  • LGBTA - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Asexual
    • Asexuality - the subset specifically related to asexuality
  • Origami - Pictures and discussion of modular origami I've made
  • Miscellaneous
 There are more, but they're less important.