Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Carnival of Aces 3: Call for participation

Welcome to the 3rd edition of A Carnival of Aces, the asexual blogging carnival!

Your host this month is me, miller (aka Siggy), and the theme is community.  I intentionally picked a very broad theme, because that's what I like.  Here are a few possible ideas:
  • How do you feel about the asexual community?  What are some interesting aspects of it?
  • Are you part of other communities?  What's it like to be asexual in those communities?
  • We talk so much on partnered relationships, but how do you feel about the idea of relationships with whole communities?
The above list is incomplete, of course.  If you talk about how great/terrible any particular community is, keep in mind that some readers and writers may have opposite impressions and opinions as you do, so try not to insult them with generalizations!

How to submit an article 

Send me an e-mail at skepticsplay at gmail dot com, or leave a comment on this post.  The deadline to submit is July 1st.  Unlike previous hosts, I'm unwilling to host guest posts on my own blog, but Sciatrix offered to host any guest posts if it's necessary.

About the Carnival of Aces

A blogging carnival is an event in which many people write blog posts around a single theme. These posts are then collected at the end of the carnival and linked together by the carnival’s host.  For example, the previous edition was about the intersection between race/ethnicity/culture/nationality and the asexual identity.

This blog carnival is an effort to encourage a variety of different voices to speak about asexuality from their own perspectives. Anyone can participate, but the responses should deal with asexuality or the asexual spectrum (grey-As, demisexuals) in some way, and relate in some way to this month's theme, community.

We do need more people to volunteer to host.  If you're interested, see the masterpost.


Sciatrix said...

Here's my submission!

I've been trying to signal boost in a couple of places, too.

mrrrr said...

I finally wrote mine:

miller said...

Thank you, Sciatrix and Ace student, for your submissions!

Norah said...

I was able to do a post after all, here it is:

Anonymous said...

Posted mine:

childfreeace said...

Here's my submission:

It's about things the ace community has taught me (if you need a one-line summary for your post... if not, then never mind :P )

Hope that fits the topic.

miller said...

Looks on topic to me! Thanks for your submissions.

Anonymous said...

Last minute post is last minute >_> I hope it was still in time

miller said...

It's still on time! I will give people until the end of today, and post the carnival tomorrow.