Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The rigged card game

I place nine cards on a table, 1 through 9, face down.  They are grouped in triplets.  First you pick a triplet, and then I pick another triplet.  Then we each reveal a random card from the triplet we picked, and the higher card wins.

I know what cards are in which triplets, but I don't know which random cards we will reveal within those triplets.  How can I arrange the cards such that, no matter which triplet you pick, I am more likely to win than you?

(This game is taken from an article by Martin Gardner called "Nontransitive Paradoxes", which attributed it to Leo Moser and J. W. Moon.)

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Nyx said...

Is it 2/4/9 1/6/8 3/5/7?

If I'm correct, 2/4/9 should have a 5/9 chance to win against 1/6/8, which has a 5/9 chance to win against 3/5/7, which in turn has a 5/9 chance to win against 2/4/9.

miller said...

Yes, that's correct. Martin Gardner noted that these numbers are the rows of a magic square.