Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dream: the little girl

I dreamt the story of a little girl with pigtails.  Much of the details are lost, but the point was largely to show how bitter she was.  Also, there is something wrong with her eyes.  She's not blind, but her eyes look strangely dark, and no irises are visible.

I remember the end.  The end comes in the form of a flashback.  She's walking with a little black boy, her friend.  She says bitterly to him, "You know, a black person once stole my eyes."  The camera slowly shifts so that we see that at this younger age, her eyes still look mostly normal.  She goes off, as the little boy stands there, somewhat angry.  After a minute, the boy goes running after her, following her into a room where her mother is.  Her mother is black.  The boy shouts, "A black person didn't steal your eyes... you are black!"  Suddenly, the audience understands... she is an albino black girl, and that's why she's so bitter.

Then my dream replays an earlier scene.  There was one scene where it was said that the girl has to stay out of daylight at certain hours and undergo some light therapy.  A white woman and man appear in this scene to help her, referring to themselves as "Your father and I".  But in retrospect, it seems that they were really talking to a boy who was with her; they were the boy's parents.

The reveal seems like such a shameless and nonsensical retcon.  For one thing, the girl obviously couldn't be albino since her hair was black (obviously based on Zimmy from Gunnerkrigg Court).  One day I would like to write a work of fiction, but it's never gonna happen if my subconscious comes up with such terrible ideas.