Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fillomino #2

A few months ago, I submitted a fillomino (aka polyominous) puzzle to a puzzle design competition on A Cleverly Titled Logic Puzzle Blog.  I think this is the second one I've ever designed (here's the first).

Rules of fillomino:
1. Divide the grid into polyominoes, which are connected shapes made from the little squares.  For example, tetris pieces are polyominoes made of four squares.
2. Fill each square with a number, representing the number of little squares in that polyomino.
3. No two polyominoes with the same numbers may share an edge.
4. Some of the numbers are given, but some polyominoes may be implied and have no given numbers.

Solvers voted on the puzzles they liked best.  Mine got second, which might reflect on the kind of people who voted.  Seriously, they clearly had a taste for rather difficult puzzles.

You may email solutions to skepticsplay at gmail dot com.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving!