Saturday, October 5, 2013

Another bloggiversary

Today is my sixth bloggiversary.  After the five-year mark, six years hardly seems special.  But six is still a special number, if only because it's the smallest element of the set of non-special natural numbers.  This year in blogging, I launched an origami series, and my "Fantastic Primer" series.

As with previous years, I will highlight some of my favorite posts:

A portrait of an "unsolved problem"
What are topological defects?
Quantum interpretations are scientific

Faith in fiction is hard 
Scouts, Mormons, and doing the wrong things for the right reasons
Questioning atheist org priorities 
Another way of viewing the skepticism/atheism dispute

Just how bad is evolutionary psychology?
Privilege and charity
Gaydar as cold reading

Bayesian reasoning and asexuality
A skeptically-oriented Asexuality 101

Evolution of prisoner's dilemma strategies
Math and Causality
Improving on the queue
Why do I blog?

You can see highlights from previous years by tracking my bloggiversaries backwards.