Monday, October 14, 2013

The WXYZ model

 The WXYZ model, by Tung Ken Lam.  Guitar pick shown for scale.

Here it is, the most elegant model in all of modular origami.  It's called the WXYZ model because it is made of four intersecting planes, which we could call the w, x, y, and z planes.

When this model was invented in 2001, it created a whole new branch of modular origami.  Creating an intersection of three planes (the XYZ model) is obvious.  But once we realize that we can intersect four planes, why not more?  Soon we had VWXYZ models, UVWXYZ models, TUVWXYZ models, and so on until QRSTUVWXYZ.

Yes, the naming convention is kind of ridiculous.

The WXYZ model looks like four triangles, but each triangle is really made of three parts.  So it's made of 12 modules total.  If you look carefully, you'll find that the 12 modules correspond to the 12 edges of a cube.

Since the WXYZ model is so iconic, I thought I'd use it in an icon for my sidebar.  Now you can click on this icon for quick access to the origami category on my blog.