Thursday, May 7, 2015

Disqus and Blogger hate each other

In bloggy news, it seems that Disqus and Blogger have stopped syncing with each other.  That means that the comments RSS feed will not work, nor will the "most recent comments" on the sidebar.

If my metrics are to be believed, this affects about three people, but one of those people is me!  Now I have to track comments by other less convenient means.  I may not see or respond to comments consistently, which I suppose should provide even less incentives to trolls, although the trolls I get don't read my front page anyway.

Apparently, the problem was caused by a recent Blogger update which killed a feature that Disqus uses to sync comments.  Fuck you, Google, next time I make a blog I'm using different software.  Disqus is looking for solutions but I have no idea if one will be found soon.