Thursday, May 7, 2015

Feedback on Feedly plug

Last month I was talking about selling RSS to people on Tumblr, so that they might follow things that aren't on Tumblr.  This is a fairly small project.  I'll simply make a post on Tumblr, and hope that it reaches a lot of people.

Here is a draft of the post.  I would appreciate feedback, particularly from people who are new to Feedly.  Since I've been using Feedly for years, I don't have a good sense of what might be confusing.

Follow Aces in All the Places!

Isn't it great that Tumblr lets you follow all your friends in one place?  Don't you wish you could also follow Wordpress, Youtube, and webcomics in the same place?

There is a way!

Try Feedly.  It's a place where you can gather subscriptions to all kinds of websites.  You'll need to create a new account, or connect to your Google account, but it's well worth it.  (Also see iOS and Android apps.)

FAQ Below


How do I add subscriptions?

On the left bar of Feedly, click on "add content".  Type the url of the website you want to follow.  Then click on the + button to subscribe.  It's that simple!

Alternatively, on the website you can look for a link with the word "RSS" or "subscribe", and often the link will let you subscribe on Feedly.

It's too hard to add all these subscriptions one by one!

It's easy to import all the Tumblrs you follow.  Go here and download the OPML file.  On the left bar of Feedly, click on "Organize".  Then click on "Import OPML", and give Feedly the file you just downloaded.

I don't even know who to subscribe to!

Here are a few startup packages.  Any of these can be imported by going to the left bar of Feedly, clicking on "Organize" and then "Import OPML".

Terrific Tumblr Aces (thanks to Arf)
Wonderful Wordpress Aces
Yes! Youtube Aces (thanks to Ivy)
Webcomics with Ace Characters
All of the above!

I don't like how everything's mixed together!

On the "Organize" page, you can create separate "collections" for different kinds of things.  Then when you browse Feedly, you can read one collection at a time, or everything together.  For instance, I keep separate a separate collection of websites that I mostly just skim.

I don't like some of those subscriptions!

On the "Organize" page, you can unsubscribe to subscriptions by clicking on the x next to it.

Feedly is ugly!

Feedly's appearance is more customizable than Tumblr!  On the left bar, go to "preferences" and try a different default view.  The options are "Titles only", "Magazine", "Cards", and "Full Articles".

Additionally, on the left bar you can try looking at "Themes" to change the colors.

Feedly isn't showing old articles!

That's because Feedly won't show articles you've already read.  You can change this in the preferences.  Turn off "Hide read posts".

Feedly isn't showing the entire article!
And how do I reblog stuff?

If you click on the title of an expanded article on Feedly, it will take you to the original page.  You can reblog from there.

I use Tumblr Savior or XKit.  Can I use it on Feedly?

For Feedly, you can try an add-on called SPOI Filter.  I don't think you can block based on tags, unfortunately.

How do I follow Tumblr tags, reblogs, and asks?

I'm afraid you can't, except on Tumblr.  No one ever said you should stop looking at Tumblr.  It's just that if you also use Feedly, you can easily follow things outside of Tumblr in the same place.

Wow!  How does it work?

Feedly is an RSS reader.  RSS stands for "really simple syndication."

You can search for RSS readers and you will find many others with the same function.  Some people have suggested Bloglovin, NetNewsWire (for Macs), or Newsify (a Feedly app for mobile).

Many people consider RSS to be old fashioned, and it is.  But it's practical!  One of the reasons Tumblr is great is because it borrowed ideas from RSS, simplifying it for the masses.  My only complaint is that Tumblr is a bit selfish, and only lets you follow Tumblrs.  That's why I'm advocating RSS.

I hate Feedly!  But I want those startup packages.

Well I tried.  You can find the startup packages here [link to be added].  You'll have to follow them one by one.
And here are the startup packages I'm using:
Terrific Tumblr Aces

Concept Awesome
Becoming a Person

Wonderful Wordpress Aces

The Asexual Agenda
The Asexual Census Blog
Asexuality Archive
Prismatic Entanglements
The Ace Theist
The Notes Which Do Not Fit
A Life Unexamined
Acing History
Next Step: Cake
Cinderace blogs
Critique of Popular Reason
Cake at the Fortress
The Minus Roots
From Fandom to Family: Sharing my many thoughts
Asexual Artists

Yes! YouTube Aces

Aces Wild

Webcomics with Ace Characters

Shades of A
Supernormal Step
Ignition Zero
David Doesn't Get It
Girls With Slingshots
 Since I'm clearly such a Feedly shill, do you think I could get them to pay me anything?

ETA: This project is done.  See here.