Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dreams of a site redesign

My blog's current design is boring and I've been wanting to change it for years. I've just been so lazy. Dear readers, please help motivate me.

But I don't have the technical knowledge for it. I'd have to just choose one of the boring blogger templates. I'm thinking of using one with smaller text-width, but then it takes more scrolling to get through the same amount of text, and some images may be cut off.

I also want to design a banner, but I have little confidence in my own aesthetic judgment. At one point, I was thinking of having "Skeptic's Play" written on line paper, surrounded by math/physics/puzzle doodles, but this idea seems lame to me now. Any suggestions?

I also wanted to add something on the sidebar like the Scarlet Letter from the Out Campaign, except for asexuals. Another one for queers too. I may not blog about queer topics all the time, but I still want to represent. But what's a good image to use? What do you think of these asexual symbols?

On the left is an ace. In the middle is a half-filled heart. On the right is the AVEN logo. Another accepted asexual symbol is a slice of cake, but the story behind that is so ridiculous I don't know if I want to use it.

And I suppose a good queer logo would be a rainbow flag. That sound good?


SlightlyMetaphysical said...

Personally, I think the ace is a little too subtle, and the "half-filled" heart I've always passionately disliked as a symbol of asexuality, because of the obvious implications, but you can't go wrong with the AVEN triangle. To those not in the know, it's just a classy web element, to anyone familiar with asexuality on the internet, it's instantly recognisable.

It also originates from extrapolating the pattern from a graph, which seems sort-of appropriate for a skeptic's site.

dartheye said...

now i'm curious about the cake story

miller said...

As the story goes, everyone likes chocolate cake. What kind of a freak would you have to be to not like chocolate cake?

Except, there are lots of people out there who don't like cake. They may be unusual, but when you come right down to it, they're as normal as anyone else.

Asexuals are not even as weird as that. Most of them like cake.

Jeffrey Ellis said...

Switch to Wordpress. Larger selection of templates. Make a wacky banner by going here (, typing in "Skeptic's Play", and doing a screen grab of the results.

miller said...

I think it would be too much of a pain to switch to Wordpress. Anyways, I already tweaked one of the Blogger templates to my satisfaction. Now I just need to settle on a banner idea.