Friday, February 19, 2010

Some website changes

I finally did it!  I switched up my blog's design!  Tell me what you think!

I've also switched back to embedded comment editors.  Last time I did this, some people had problems.  If you have any problems commenting, please e-mail me at skepticsplay a-t gmail d-o-t com.

I have not created a banner yet, but I did put a placeholder banner so it isn't completely obvious that I'm using a default template.  I am still planning to make a real banner, but knowing me I'll never get around to it.

I also have a few other changes in mind, but we shall see.


Mark Erickson said...

I prefer the embedded comments much more. The only issue I have with it from a blog writer's perspective, is that how to subscribe to comments isn't clear at all. Your old way has a checkbox you click before submitting. This way has an invisible link at the bottom that takes two or three clicks.

I'm also not a fan of white text on dark backgrounds, but your colors are good.

Suggestion - it's easy to widen the post column if you manually edit the HTML.

Question: Did you use a Blogger widget for recent comments?

miller said...

I've already manually edited the html to widen the column.

I used the "feed" gadget for recent comments. I choose the feed url to be the comments feed ( This is just the easiest way; there are other ways too.

I'll look around for a way to tweak the comment system, but I'm not very hopeful about it.

miller said...

There's a link right underneath that toggles your subscription. However, the feature only appears if you're already signed into your google account when you load the page.

As far as I can tell, the e-mail subscription feature has always required a google account.

Jeffrey Ellis said...

Looks nice. The white text on dark background is a killer on the eyes, though.

dartheye said...

oh man, i thought i went to the wrong page for a second...